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Center for Community Involvement at University of the Pacific

Who We Are

Provide Educational Support to the Stoctkon Community by providing individual tutor mentoring services, Pacific students as tutors to various afterschool and community programs, and age-appropriate Saturday enrichment programming.  

Provide volunteer opportunities for students throughout our Stockton community through the development of a spectrum of service opportunities such as single events, projects and ongoing opportunities.  

Develop the leadership identity and potential of Pacific students selected for the Leadership Team.

What We Do

Mission: The Center for Community Involvement facilitates student-centered learning by promoting a connection between Pacific students and our Stockton community. This intersection of responsible leadership and community engagement offers programs and services that spark education, action and service.

Purpose: The purpose of the Center for Community Involvement is to inspire, support and prepare students to successfully address their concerns through service to the community and the society in which they live in.