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Who We Are

Our vision is individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities to live as citizens afforded the same opportunities and benefits of those without disabilities. Our mission: Arc –San Joaquin is a non-profit agency that provides services to persons with intellectual, developmental and other disabilities promoting opportunities for gainful employment and individual independence. Arc-San Joaquin advocates for diversity, dignity, and personal happiness. “Making lives better every day.”

What We Do

Arc San Joaquin provides services for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities such as autism, Down's syndrome and other disabilities. Services include supported employment, adult life skills training, daily care support needs, community integration. In supported employment activities include job development, placement and job coaching. In the adult day programs, we serve the most severely involved both cognitively and physically. Individuals benefit from coming to the center daily (except weekends) where social leisure activities are provided and each person must actively participate both physically and as part of a group. Arc works with each client to develop an active training program related to daily living skills including and not limited to increasing physical activity, eating independently, and practicing functional communication throughout the day. Due to the level of care needed for each person, staff provides a high level of care to change disposable briefs, help with eating and drinking, getting from one point to another, and helping take medications they may need during the day.


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